Auditorium Improvements



New AC Units 2018

Sound System

In 2020, the Auditorium's dated sound system was replaced with more user-friendly equipment similar to what is used at theaters and churches in the community, making it easier for renters who are already acquainted with the equipment.

Basement Floor

In 2018, the basement sheet flooring was removed and a company was brought in to create a polished concrete finish.


Two of the Auditorium rooftop air conditioners (which date to the 1970’s) were replaced in the spring of 2014 with new energy efficient air conditioners. The third was replaced in 2018. These provide the Auditorium with more reliable equipment while also reducing its operating costs.


In 2016, significant tuckpointing was done on the exterior walls between the two upper courses of white block. On the east side, complete brick replacement was done with closely matching brick between the two upper courses of white block. Then the entire exterior was sealed.


The Auditorium’s 9 main floor lights and stage lights were all been replaced with LED lighting 2014-2016. The colored cove lights have been replaced with colored LED bulbs to preserve the original aesthetics with individual bulbs. We continue to look for cost effective LED options for general lighting throughout the Auditorium. 

Additional Projects

These projects along with the 2012 boiler replacement are an effort to ensure the Auditorium remains a modern facility that is a central fixture in Moberly while being responsible to taxpayers and reducing the cost of operating.