Advertisement for Acquisitions

The City of Moberly has acquired the building at 125 S. 5thSt. The building has an extensive history here in Moberly and the goal is to see the building improved, saved and utilized as a productive property in Downtown Moberly. The City will be accepting proposals for acquisition of this property. All proposals must include a description of the proposed renovations and specific time frame for the start/completion.

The proposal should be for the continued improvement of the property in conformance of the the City of Moberly zoning and building codes. This building was constructed c.1859 by Elijah Williams. On July 4, 1860, William Roberts entered into an agreement to deed forty acres of his land to the Chariton & RandolphRailroad Company. Later, Elijah Williams also sold twenty-five acres to the railroad. Both men received fifteen dollars per acre. Mr. Williams’ home was built in 1859 and is located at 125 South Fifth, at the head of Burkhart. That makes it, most likely, the oldest house in Moberly that is still standing. Over the years the building has been occupiedas a home then as an apartment building. If selected, the City and selected party would enter into a formal acquisition of the property. Upon a formal agreement the City of Moberly will quit claim the property to the selected party. Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “125 S. 5th St” to the City Clerk’s office at 101 W. Reed St, Moberly, Mo. 65270 prior to December31st at 2:00 p.m