Moberly Cart Request Form

Moberly, MO Cart Request Form

Attention current City of Moberly “Blue Bag” or “95-Gallon Cart Rental” residents and non-containerized commercial customers who are charged for trash on your current water bill. Changes for trash collection will be taking place in 2019. The City and Advanced Disposal have developed a new volume based trash collection program that will give residents more options in container sizes, maintain or reduce monthly costs, eliminate the need to purchase special trash bags and providing a specific cart for recycling. Each residential and non-containerized commercial customer will be utilizing a trash collection cart for service, and will need to select the size of trash cart desired to meet your needs and select whether or not you want a recycling container.

​Please take a moment to fill out the survey below no later than 01/15/19 to make your trash and recycle collection selections for 2019. Survey may be submitted online at: or fill out the form below and submit with your water bill payment. (No phone calls please)

​For any residential or non-containerized commercial customer not responding or selecting a cart size by 01/15/19, a 95-gallon cart will be delivered. The monthly charge for the 95-gallon cart will be $19.50 per month, down from the current price of $20.87 per month. Changes to cart selections will be available to residential and non –containerized commercial customers once every six months (January & May). For all other service requests please call 800-778-7652.
​1. Please provide your service address in the form below: Name:________________________________________
​ Service Address:________________________________
​ Email Address:_________________________________
​Phone Number: ________________________________
​# of Adults in the Home:______
​# of Children in the Home (17 & under):________

​2. The service address above is a:
​☐ Residence                        ☐ Business

​3. Trash cart selection. Please select size of cart (changes in size of cart only available in January & May, lid on cart must close for collection)
​☐ 35 Gallon Cart $13.00 per month ($11.00 Seniors 65 years & older)
​ ☐ 65 Gallon Cart $16.50 per month                         ☐ 95 Gallon Cart $19.50 per month

​4. I verify that I am 65 years or older and qualify for the discounted $11.00 per month (must select 35 Gallon cart box above, as well as checking yes below).
​ ☐ Yes                                  ☐ No

​5. Will you need to add an additional cart for service? A $5.00 per month fee will be charged in addition to the monthly city billed trash collection fee noted on question 3. You have the option to get a like size or a smaller size than your regular service option selected on question 3. (Changes in size available in January & May only, lids on cart must close for collection.)
​ ☐ No Additional Cart                                                ☐ 65 Gallon Cart added to my service
​☐ 35 Gallon Cart added to my service                     ☐ 95 Gallon Cart added to my service

​ 6. Recycling will be an available service to residents every other week for no additional charge. Residents and non-containerized commercial customers must register for this free service and will receive a 65 gallon cart for recycling collection (trash or unapproved recyclables placed within recycle carts will not be accepted). Please select if you elect to participate in recycling at your service address.
​☐ Yes                                     ☐ No

​7. Walkup service is available to residents unable to place trash curbside due to health or disability reasons. In order to qualify for walkup service at no additional cost, no able-bodied persons may live or work at the address that is capable of transporting trash to the curb for collection. To inquire on documents required for this service please contact us at 800-778-7652.
​☐ Yes – I already have walkup service                 ☐ No-Walkup service is needed

​ More information regarding the cart program, dates for delivery, cart placement and recycling schedule will be coming soon. On behalf of the City of Moberly and Advanced Disposal we would like to thank you for taking time to complete this service request form.