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  1. Gratz%20Brown%20needs%20a%20speed%20machine%20continued%20speeders%20put%20children%20walking%20to%20and%20from%20school%20at%20extreme%20risk!

    Gratz brown is within 100 feet or so of two schools with young children. Many young children live on this road and walk to school or bus stops. Frequent speeders on this straight road has been such a...

    Jun 29, 2023 by Jackie McClanahan (25 points)

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  2. Gratz Brown Speeding

    Would love something to be initiated on Gratz Brown Street for the safety of our neighborhood, citizens, but mostly our children. We believe a speed trap like on Urbandale would work best. People go...

    Jun 29, 2023 by Citizen Question (28 points)

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