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1. Urban areas can absorb as much rainfall as a wooded area or grassy field. True or false?
2. Storm drains and the stormwater sewer system carries stormwater runoff to the local wastewater treatment facility for treatment before it is discharged to local lakes and waterways. True or false?
3. Which of the following are signs of stormwater pollution? A) Cloudy water B) Algae blooms C) Fish kills D) Oily sheen E) Foul odors F) All of the above
4. Which of the following are part of the storm drain system? A) Streams, lakes and ponds B) Ditches and culverts C) Yards, streets, curbs and gutters D) Storm drains and catch basins E) All of the above
5. The stormwater runoff from your backyard flows to which of the following water bodies? A) Coon Creek B) Elk Fork of the Salt River C) Sweet Springs Creek D) Sugar Creek, Sugar Lake