Park Guidelines


The Moberly Parks and Recreation Board provides area residents approximately 500 acres of parkland. The existing amenities within the park system comprise the majority of the opportunities for outdoor recreation activities in the Moberly area. Because parks play a vital role in meeting the outdoor recreation needs of area residents, certain regulations must be enforced to ensure that the parks will continue to meet the needs of area residents.

Park Hours

All parks and amenities are open to the public from 5 a.m. until 11p.m. No overnight stays at the park are allowed, except for permitted overnight fishing and camping. Anyone found in the parks without authorization after 11 p.m. will be subject to arrest for trespass and/or fine.


All persons operating any type of motor vehicle in any public park shall use the same in a prudent and careful manner so as not to obstruct traffic and shall observe all speed and traffic regulations. All vehicles shall be parked with the traffic and shall not be parked at a place that will obstruct the use or enjoyment of any of the amenities of the park.

Except where otherwise posted, the speed limit is 20 miles per hour for all vehicles within the park system.

All motor vehicles must stay on designated roadways at all times. No vehicles, except those work vehicles of the Parks and Recreation Department, public utility vehicles, and other authorized vehicles engaged in maintenance or upkeep of the park, are allowed to drive on non-roadway areas of the park.

All motor vehicles must park in designated areas, which include those areas paved, graveled, or otherwise marked for parking.

Leases of Park Property

It is the practice of the Parks and Recreation Department and Board not to enter into any long-term leases with private individuals, firms, corporations, or organizations. If such individuals or groups wish to enter into a lease for any park property or facility, it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Rental of Park Property

Persons or groups wishing to rent park facilities shall do so in accordance with current regulations and procedures.

Use of Firearms & Fireworks

No person shall be permitted to carry or discharge any firearms into the park unless specific permission has been granted by the Moberly Police Department and the Park Board.

The Discharging of Fireworks in the park is not allowed, in compliance of Ordinance 15 to 229 (10). A licensed, permitted, and insured pyrotechnic company may discharge fireworks for special events with the written authorization of the Parks and Recreation Director and Moberly Fire Department.

Annoyance of Animals / at-Large Animals

No individual, group, or organization shall be permitted to annoy, throw at, trap, or harm in any way any animal or bird in the park, whether the same is in captivity or running at large. Violation of this may result in fines and/or arrest.

No domesticated animal shall be allowed to run loose in the park, nor allowed to be in the water. Animals found running loose in the parks shall be turned over to Animal Control with the owner(s) responsible for all associated fees and process. Owners of animals found or observed being at large will have complaints signed against them, resulting in fines.


It is unlawful for any person to trap or hunt within the boundaries of any park.

Carnivals, Fairs, Etc.

Any carnival, circus, fair or other similar type of event shall be held only in the Agricultural Area of Rothwell Park, unless otherwise determined by the Parks and Recreation Department. No such event shall be allowed unless first approved by the Park Board. The Board reserves the right to establish the dates for an event, establish specific requirements for each event, and expects payment for, at a minimum, reimbursements of staff costs, utilities, and use of the grounds.

For a complete list of all policies, rules and regulations, please contact the Moberly Parks and Recreation Department at 660-268-8705, ext. 2040.