Motorized Equipment

Moberly's first fire fighting equipment was horse drawn. Moberly's fire department horses, Buck and Mack, made their last run to a grocery store on Halleck. Buck and Mack were later traded in on the first pumper for $600. 

Horses Buck and Mack

The City’s first motorized Fire fighting equipment was purchased on October, 1915, when the council bought a Velie hose wagon, equipped with solid tires and chain drive. 

Moberly's first fire truck 1916

Moberlys first fire truck 1916
first fire truck
fire truck 1
fire truck 2

By 1965, the fire equipment consisted of: 

  • One 1947 central fire truck

  • One 1960 GMC fire truck

  • One 1962 ford station wagon

  • One Jeep

  • Trailer with a 500-gallon pumper

1947 Central fire truck
1960 fire truck