Stormwater Collection

The City is also responsible for the stormwater collection system. The Distribution & Collection (D &C) Department assists the Public Works Department with maintenance of storm water lines.


Eleven employees perform the duties associated with the maintenance and repair of water, sewer, and stormwater mains. Maintenance of water lines includes repairing leaks, replacing sections of worn out lines and fire hydrants, or even constructing new lines to replace lines that are too small to serve the neighborhoods or to loop lines that were installed as “dead end” lines. 


The maintenance of water mains also includes flushing of mains to preserve water quality by removing sediment and deposits that may accumulate in the water mains over time. Maintenance of sewer mains includes routine cleaning and root-sawing of the sewer mains as well as pressure jetting the mains when blockages occur, Closed Circuit Television Viewing (CCTV) of the inside of the sewer mains for inspection and identification of potential problems, manhole inspections and repairs, and repair and replacement of sewer mains.

Stormwater collection is a relatively newly regulated requirement for the City of Moberly. Regulations adopted in 2008 require the City to manage stormwater runoff and land disturbance activities. 

Stormwater Manuals