Rain Barrels


Rainwater harvesting refers to the process of collecting and storing rainwater runoff for beneficial use. Collecting rainwater for use during drier times is an ancient and traditional practice stemming from the necessity to keep water within reach. 

rain barrel

Collection Reasons

Today we have a constant supply of fresh water at our finger tips, but collecting rain water is still an important practice for a number of reasons.

  1. During the warmer months it is estimated that nearly 40% of household water is used for lawn and garden maintenance. 40% less water usage can be a substantial savings. A typical rainfall of one half inch in 24 hours can produce approximately 300 gallons of water that runs off the roof of a modest home.
  2. Rainwater too often becomes wasted water when it is channeled away from the property. Using a barrel to catch the water flowing off the roof is one of the simplest, least expensive ways to conserve water and at the same time divert it away from the storm drains and the already over stressed combined storm sewer systems.

Rain Barrels Without Slipping Up