Sugar Creek Lake

Sugar Creek Lake - Dock

Sugar Creek Lake (lake) is a 330 acre reservoir on Sugar Creek located approximately 4 miles northeast of the City of Moberly and serves as the City’s sole drinking water source. The City owns the lake and approximately269 acres adjacent to the shoreline. Although the lake’s primary use is as the drinking water supply for the City, the lake is also used frequently for recreation. Stakeholders with an interest in the lake’s water quality and quantity include, but are not limited to drinking water consumers, recreationists, and landowners within the Sugar Creek Lake watershed.  

Over the past two decades, increased water quality stressors and regulatory drivers have stimulated increased stakeholder interest in the protection of the lake. A Source Water Protection Plan is currently in draft format for public review.  This Plan strives to set forth strategies and provide guidance to stakeholders for the protection of the lake and its watershed in order to provide a sustainable, reliable, and high quality drinking water supply for the City and its customers. 

The City of Moberly and the Missouri Department of Conservation have a cooperative management agreement for management of the Lake and its fishery.  MDOC has provided the City with grant funding to help in constructing a boat launch and handicapped accessible fishing dock.  Boats on the Lake are restricted to idle speeds only to reduce erosion of the shorelines.

Sugar Creek Watershed Map

Land ownership adjacent to Sugar Creek Lake

City Of Moberly Public Meeting: Sugar Creek Lake Source Water Protection Plan Review