Wanted: Environmental Stewards

Many of the City’s daily activities are for the purpose of protecting the environment. The street sweeper is out on a daily basis picking up litter, leaves and yard wastes from area streets before it can enter the stormwater sewer system. This practice prevents pollutants from entering area creeks and lakes via the storm drain system. 

Cleaning Drains

Street Department employees spend considerable time cleaning litter, leaves and yard wastes out of the catch basins and storm drains. This ensures the excess storm water will flow out of the City as efficiently as possible minimizing street and basement flooding. Cleaning storm drains and catch basins also keeps litter and yard wastes from polluting local waterways. The mechanics maintain the city vehicles 


The Water Collection and Distribution crew maintains the sanitary sewer system for the protection of human health and that of the environment. The Wastewater Treatment Facility staff strives for optimal plant performance ensuring environmental protection. The Fire and Police Departments are trained in emergency response procedures in the event of a spill or accidental discharge. Every Department within the City is involved in pollution prevention and environmental stewardship. 

The City of Moberly is committed to protecting the local watershed and is seeking environmentally focused groups and organizations to join them in this important endeavor. There are many levels of involvement in the City’s Watershed Protection Project. Involvement can be as simple as picking up a piece of litter each day to forming and leading a local stream team. Become involved!