Allen Train Robbery Reenactment

Allen Train Robbery Reenactment FB event coverSee a reenactment of this historical event at the Moberly Mini Train in Rothwell Park. Also, visit downtown Moberly for Junk Junktion, Gus Macker, and other activities.

The Allen Train Robbery replays an actual event that occurred in August of 1861 in Allen, MO (now a part of Moberly). Coin and currency was being transferred from a bank in Fayette, MO to a bank in St. Louis, MO, for safekeeping. While being unloaded from a buckboard in Allen, onto a train of the North Missouri Railroad, Confederate Partisans "re-took" the coin and currency without a shot being fired. According to many stories from that era, all the coin and currency was returned to the Fayette bank. 

During the mini train rides, youth reenactors will be portraying the Confederate Partisans who will stop the train in the prairie that was Allen, MO. After searching the train and finding the "gold", passengers under the age of 18 will be treated to a gold-foil covered chocolate coin when they returned to the Lions Station to deboard. The event/activity will be explained prior to leave the Lions Station. Our youth actors will be given training so as not to frighten even the smallest of children.

This really is such a unique event to be involved in! Please help us share this event by sharing with your friends and family and come out to the Moberly Mini Train in Rothwell Park on Sept. 9th & 10th.

WHEN: Saturday, September 9th & Sunday, September 10th | 1:00pm-4:30pm
WHERE: Mini Train in Rothwell Park
WHO: All Ages
FEE: Train rides are $2.50 per person, per ride

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