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File Police Report Online

  1. Please fill in Current Date and Time
  2. Fill in street address incident took place, if incident took place on block enter as ### blk street name (Example - 300 blk N Coates), if took place at intersection enter both streets ( Morley St at Coates St)
  3. If you are unsure of date and time in a theft or property damage incident enter last known date property was undamaged or known to be in your possession as the first date and time it was discovered as the second date.
  4. Victim Contact Information
    Fill out contact information of victim of the above incident
  5. Victim Vehicle information
    If your incident involves your vehicle please fill in the vehicle information section below
  6. Vehicle maker (Ford, GMC, Chevy, ect)
  7. Model of vehicle (Focus, Impala, F150 ect)
  8. Color of vehicle
  9. VIN can be found on registration paperwork, on the driver side dash, or inside of door
  10. Reporting Party Information
    If this information is same as victim information this section can be skipped
  11. Reporter info if different from victim
  12. Suspect Information
    If you have suspect information in the incident above fill out what information you are able.
  13. Free Text add any descriptive information on suspect such as tattoos, facial hair, clothing, distinctive features or any other information to assist with identifying the suspect (1000 character word limit)

  14. If known vehicle make (Ford, Chevy, ect)
  15. If known vehicle model (Impala, F150, ect)
  16. If known fill in vehicle color
  17. Any addition vehicle description - front end damage, missing driver side mirror, logos, different colored doors ect

  18. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property
    In this section if your incident includes lost, stolen, or damaged property please list the property item with a description of item or damage, followed by the value of the property. Please include serial number for stolen property if you have access to serial number. Example stolen/lost property: iPhone XS Max - rose gold with clear otter box - value $1,500 - serial number ABC123456XYZ.
  19. 2000 character limit
  20. Example - front driver seat of vehicle, front porch near swing set, back yard, ect.
  21. Example - mail box at end of driveway, vehicle parked in driveway, back lower level window, ect
  22. Short Statement of the incident. 9000 character limit
  23. Leave This Blank:

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