Risk Management

Program Improvement

The City of Moberly constantly is working to improve Risk Management and employee safety.  Risk Management is defined as planning, organizing, leading and controlling Moberly’s resources so as to minimize the potential effects of risk against the City.

Employee Update

Employees are required to be updated on safety measures with monthly videos and other forms of safety communication. For more information related to risk management contact the Human Resource office at City Hall.

The City of Moberly has adopted a “Confined Space” policy which is designed to protect employees who must work in newly dug ditches, manholes, etc.

Employee Safety

Liability issues and employee safety are important elements of the city’s risk management program.  In order to control the City’s risk exposure, Moberly attempts to identify the risks and implement methods of handling the risks.

Safety Committee

The City of Moberly has an employee safety committee which meets monthly to discuss the general aspects of workmen’s compensation cases that have occurred since the last meeting and to propose ways to prevent a reoccurrence of the accidents.