The City of Moberly utilized a Reclamite application during the widening of Williams Street. Analytically, South Williams had a 37% decrease in viscosity from the original value and a 27% increase in penetration from the original value. 

Slowed Aging Process

What this means is the Reclamite has reversed the pavement aging process. The product has slowed the aging effect and thus extended the pavement normal lifecycle. A larger penetration and lower viscosity suggests that the pavement has an improved flexibility and deterioration in the asphalt pavement will be reduced. 

In simple terms, life has been added to the pavement. If the viscosity came out higher than the original value and the penetration came out lower than the original value, the pavement would harden faster with more cracks appearing sooner. Basically, the street would be deteriorating quicker. 

In a simple sense, Reclamite has injected essential ingredients back into the asphalt in order to reverse the aging process and not affect the structure of the pavement. Viscosity and penetration are two key components that influence how fast a pavement deteriorates. This is without factoring in base failure.