Public Works

Close-up of pavement


The goal of the Public Works Department is to provide the community with the services needed by its residents, businesses, and industries. Much of the work accomplished by the individuals responsible for keeping everything working is “behind the scenes” and very often taken for granted. Safe roadways, a cemetery, and an adequate airport are all services that are not only nice to have, but are required for our City’s health, safety, and necessary to maintain our quality of life.

Street Maintenance & Repair

  • Asphalt and concrete roadway repairs and replacement
  • Pavement milling
  • Snow plowing
  • Street sweeping

City Maintenance

  • Manage and operate the yard waste composting site
  • Manage and operate the yard waste mulching site
  • Operate and maintain City fleet fueling facility
  • Maintenance and repairs of vehicles and equipment for all City departments

Operations & Management

Public Works also manages and operates:

  • Oakland Cemetery
  • Omar N Bradley Memorial Airport