Director's Message

From the Desk of Tom Sanders

The goal of the Public Works Department is to provide the community with the services needed by its residents, businesses, and industries. Much of the work accomplished by the individuals responsible for keeping everything working is “behind the scenes” and very often taken for granted. Safe roadways, a cemetery, and an adequate airport are all services that are not only nice to have, but are required for our City’s health, safety, and necessary to maintain our quality of life.

Effective & Efficient

I believe the Public Works Department does a great job of supplying services to the public. It is our ongoing desire to provide the highest level of service to the citizens at the least possible cost. Our employees are our best assets and they continue to provide insight into ways to make our operations more effective and efficient. Without the support of the City Manager and the City Council, none of this work could be accomplished. The Public Works Department looks forward to working with them to serve the community.


I would also like to express my appreciation to all City departments for their ongoing assistance. The teamwork among departments makes Public Works operate smoother and helps us accomplish much more. Many improvements have been made and numerous positive comments have been received due to the ongoing cooperative efforts.