701 Fisk Avenue

Current Owner - Rebecca Roberts

The property was purchased 1907 by Jess Myer. In 1909 Floyd Lambert purchased the property. Robert Kelley purchased the property in 1911 then sold it to James Lowell in 1915. J. E. Campbell then purchased the property in 1940 and sold it to Christine Campbell in 1945. 

In 1951 F. D. Leavene purchased the property and in 1962 Robert Leavene was living in the upstairs of this property. In 1963 the home was purchased by M. E. Neal he sold it in 1966 to Jack Conroy, who then sold it to Fred Harrison in 1995. In 2002 David Hill bought the property and then sold it to Rebecca Roberts in 2004, who owns this property presently.


The beautiful, original woodwork and interior staircase with outstanding wood railing remains. There has been updating to the kitchen and bathroom, as is expected in any historic home. 

A garage was added to the rear of the home in the late 1990’s. The house is built of concrete blocks that look like stone. The front window has a top sash of art leaded sheet glass. The 9 room home is still in excellent condition. In 1908 this home was sold in the Sear catalogue for $1995.

701 Fisk Avenue