Wastewater Collection & Treatment

The City of Moberly provides wastewater collection and treatment to an area of about 10 square miles and is served by both combined sewers and separate sanitary and storm sewers. A combined sewer carries stormwater runoff from streets in the same pipe as sanitary wastewater. The 87 miles of sewers consist of pipes whose diameters range in size from 8 to 48 inches. 


The City installed the first sewer mains in the mid 1870’s. This brick arch sewer installed downtown is still in service as part of the sewer collection system today. The sewer system consists of pipes made of brick, clay tile, cast iron and concrete.

Sewer Collection

The sewer collection system is served by a network of gravity sewer lines that flow to one of many sewer pump stations that “lifts” the sewage to another part of the system where it then flows again by gravity to the wastewater treatment facility about 3 miles east of Downtown. The City currently has 13 sewer pump stations as part of the sewer system.