• As of 10-03-11, all of the recycling is done now at Randolph County Sheltered Industries (RCSI) by our handicapped employees. Please do not disrespect them by hiding dirty diapers and food waste in your recycle bags.
  • RCSI asks that all recycle materials be clean and dry.
  • No liquids of any kind, rinsed out is more sanitary for all concerned.
  • Hazardous materials to avoid include batteries and any medical waste products.
  • Cardboard does not need to be in the clear bags as this is picked up separately but should be tied up to keep from being blown about by the wind.
  • Shredded paper can be recycled if it is bagged separately. Loose shred is unrecoverable if it is not bagged separately and then placed into the clear bags alongside all of the other recyclable materials.
  • RCSI can recycle other materials if it is brought out to our facility at 100 Sparks, but the curbside list has not changed.
  • No glass or styrofoam please.