Tax Information

Federal Tax Burdens & Expenditures

Missouri is a Beneficiary State. Missouri taxpayers receive among the most amount of federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid. Per dollar of federal tax collected in 2005, Missouri citizens received approximately $1.32 in the way of federal spending

This ranks the state 17th highest nationally and represents a slight rise from 1992 when Missouri received $1.25 per dollar of taxes in federal spending, ranking it also 17th highest nationally.

State of Missouri Map

Neighboring States

Neighboring states and the federal spending received per dollar of federal tax collected were:

  • Arkansas ($1.41) placed 14th
  • Illinois ($.75) placed 45th
  • Iowa ($1.10) placed 24th
  • Kansas ($1.12) placed 2nd
  • Kentucky ($1.51) placed 9th
  • Nebraska ($1.10) placed 25th
  • Oklahoma ($1.36) placed 15th
  • Tennessee ($1.27) placed 19th

City Taxes

The following is a breakdown of taxes for residents of the City of Moberly.

Real Estate and Property Tax 2019

$1.0575 per $100 of assessed value:

  • $.7223 goes to the General Fund
  • $.3352 goes to the Park Fun

City of Moberly Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax 1%

City of Moberly Other Tax Rates

  • Capital Improvement Sales Tax 0.5%
  • Park Sales Tax 0.5%
  • Transportation Sales Tax 0.5%

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